10 Great Ideas For Baby Shower Candles

by Jessie Cooper

Are you looking for the perfect baby shower candles?

A candle’s light symbolizes hope and happiness. Everyone at your baby shower is hopeful for the baby’s good health and they are all happy that the baby will be arriving soon.

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And because of their great significance, candles for baby showers are available in different colors, designs, shapes and sizes.

Baby Shower Candle - Soy

Here are some great baby shower candle ideas:

Baby Bottle-Shaped Candle

How about a candle in a glass with a baby bottle nipple topper? The wick of the candle protrudes from the tip of the nipple so you can light it from there.

Baby Bottle Candles-set

The candle wax is white which looks like milk formula.

The bottle could be pink or blue depending on the gender of the baby. But there are also other colors too like yellow, green and violet for parents who are unaware of their baby’s gender or just don’t want to reveal it just yet.

Other Shaped Candles

Girl Baby Shower Candle Cake Topper

Other creative baby shower candles are in different shapes and figures. Candle wax is versatile and is easy to form. So you could get candles in many different shapes, such as:

  • a baby shoe candle
  • building blocks candle
  • baby cradle candle
  • duckling candle
  • flower candle
  • bear candle

You may even make your own candle by using wax molds that you can buy from DIY stores and craft stores.

Baby shower candle favors - Elephant Votive candle favors - personalized

There are so many ingenious and creative designs you can try which will make a perfect candle for this memorable event.

Personalized Aromatic Candles

How about a personalized aromatic candle? These candles don’t just smell great, but they look lovely too!

baby boy baby shower candle

Usually available in small tin cans just like a lip balm cab, these candles are made from wax plus aromatic oils.

You may find candles smelling like lemon, cinnamon, chocolate, mint and flowery scents such as rose.

10 Baby Shower Candles Favors

There are also fruity smells which are perfect for making any room smell tutti fruity!

You may even give them as keepsakes for your party by sticking on thank you notes to the top or along the sides of the tin.

Even More Ideas

Yellow Duck Candle baby shower candle

Some of the most interesting and creative designs for baby shower candles are:

  • candles shaped like cupcakes,
  • baseballs,
  • penguins,
  • Noah’s ark,
  • different kinds of animals such as hedgehogs, insects and birds.

You can pre-order specialty custom candles. Just be sure to do so well in advance of your shower.

Boy Baby Baby Shower Candle / Cake Topper

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