Baby Shower Favor Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Looking for ideas for great baby shower favors? A favor or a keepsake is something that your guests will remember your event by. Your guests may have attended many of baby showers prior to yours, but yours will be something magical, something extra special. The only way that they will be able to remember it is by receiving a keepsake from it.

If you don’t have any ideas for the best favors, then here are some great ideas for you.

Filled Baby Bottles

Filled Baby Bottles

An 8oz. baby bottle can make a great container for different kinds of things such as:

  • aromatherapy oils,
  • wax,
  • shells,
  • beads,
  • marbles
  • skin care products.

Simply buy dozens of baby bottles, all the same shapes and sizes. Be sure to clean them you will be adding edibles. Fill them up with your selected items and then cover them.

You can place personalized stickers or labels on the front and back of your baby bottles. You can also place a ribbon on the bottle. The bottles will become a great looking keepsakes.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub

Another idea is to get small glass containers and fill them with sugar scrubs for your guests. Look for a simple sugar scrub recipe online. Clean the containers and fill them with the scrub mixture. Cover them up and then use a personalized sticker as a label.

Aside from a sugar scrub, some other skin care products you can make are:

  • body powder,
  • aromatherapy bath salts,
  • facial washes,
  • shampoos.

Custom-wrapper Chocolate Bars

Custom-wrapper Chocolate Bars

Another great baby shower favors is a chocolate bar wrapped with a personalized wrapper. This is a very simple one to make.

Just buy enough chocolate bars wrapped in foil. Then remove the outer and replace it with your own wrapper.

You can create cute and inspiring chocolate wrappers. Get a template online or design them by hand.

Baby Shower Mints

Baby Shower Mints

Imagine cute, personalized and yummy mints created just for your special event. Not only are these unique keepsake ideas, but they are also the perfect way for your guests to remember the most refreshingly-unique baby shower they’ve ever been to.

If you have decided to use mints for your baby shower party favors then you should check out the following creative ideas.


Mints come in all sorts of colors and you can pick the color that matches your theme. Such as pink and white for a girl’s baby shower or blue and white for a boy’s baby shower. For couples that are not yet aware of their baby’s gender, you can choose yellow or green colored mints.


Your baby shower mints don’t just come in regular shapes but they are also available in shapes like:

  • baby cradles,
  • rattles,
  • baby bottles,
  • bears in different poses,
  • pacifiers
  • all kinds of baby animals.


Now think about the ideal container to hold them in. This could be a special tin can like a lip balm cans, small glass bottles, or even in small plastic packets. A pound of mints can make up to 50 small tin cans of mint favors.

Baby Shower Mints



Next you need labels. Stick on a nice label that contains your baby shower’s information, like the date of the shower as well as the venue.

Or make your own mints

Creating or cooking baby shower mints is easy once you have a reliable recipe on hand. There are great mint recipes that you can follow online. The ingredients that you need are available from crafts stores or grocery stores.

The most important tool you will need is a mold to form the shapes you want. Flavors range from delectable chocolate mint to delicious cream cheese mints. If you simply do not have time to make mints, then you can pre-order them from a pastry shop or buy them in bulk instead.

Baby Shower Magnets

Baby shower magnets are one of the most popular ideas for baby shower favors. Why? Magnets are easy to personalize and can come in any kind of shape, size, and design. You can make your magnet as simple as you want it or as extravagant as you want it to be.

Baby Shower Magnets

Another reason why magnets are perfect as baby shower keepsakes is that they is very cheap to make yourself. So if are you considering a magnet as a souvenir for your own baby shower, then here are some unique ideas for making a great keepsake.

A glass magnet showing a baby’s foot print is one of the hottest ideas for magnet favors. It comes in different sizes, from as small as 1 inch by 1 inch to as large as 4 inches by 4 inches. You can personalize the front side of the magnet with a laser sticker design containing your baby’s name or you name and your partner’s name, the date of the baby shower, and the venue. Actually, you can place any design or any message on the front side of the magnet.

Baby Shower Magnets

Cute bubble magnets are simple, creative, and easy to personalize. They can contain images or messages about the event or any kind of design you wish.

Some popular magnet designs are:

  • cartoon designs of babies in diapers,
  • babies with feeding bottles,
  • two peas in a pod design for couples expecting twins.

Figurine magnets can also be a very cute as keepsakes. There are so many adorable figures you can choose from.

  • babies in strollers,
  • feeding bottles,
  • onesies,
  • baby animal figures,
  • a stork carrying a heavy baby

Baby Shower Magnets

If you have time or the craftiness, there are do-it-yourself kits for these kinds of magnets too. A newer type of magnet is one made of dry clay. The finished product is similar to porcelain but looks more organic. There are different designs to choose from such as a popular cupcake design, cake design, animal design, or stork design. You can choose any design from the simplest to the most elegant ones. And just like porcelain magnets, do it yourself craft kits are available for your magnet project.

Other Ideas

Are you tired of the usual baby shower souvenirs? Then check out these weird and wonderful keepsakes that guests can take home from your baby shower. If cute aromatic candles and figurines are not to your liking, consider these inspirations.

A bottle of beer with a rubber nipple on top!

beer with a rubber nipple on top
Yes, you read that right. The beer brand and logo is on the front of the bottle, but, if you look closely, the fine print states the venue, parents’ names and the date of the shower. This one must have been planned by the dad-to-be. Truly a fun and creative keepsake that will make your baby shower the most memorable ever!

Small potted plants

Small potted plants
Choose plants that will survive in small pots, like cacti. You can contact your florist for help in choosing a great flowering plant that fits in with your color theme. If you are celebrating the coming of a baby girl, plants bearing pink flowers would be ideal.

Small potted plants

Buy some small pots and jazz them up by painting them in your color theme and placing baby-themed pictures on them, too. You can choose to add a ribbons too. Put a gift tag around the pot to add a thank you message.

Nail Polish

Nail Polish
Another baby shower keepsake idea could be bottles of nail polish. Simply select a few bottles which fit in with your theme or color scheme and then place labels around the bottles. Write a short and simple thank you message on the tag. You can also wrap a ribbon around it for a more inspiring gift! This unique present is definitely perfect for female guests.

More Ideas
You can order pre-made baby shower favors online, from a craft-store, or a supplier. Some popular ideas are:

  • hatching chick figurines,
  • baby bottle beaded necklaces,
  • baby shower corsages with a baby figurine and ribbon,
  • aromatic candles


There is no limit to your imagination! Even if you have a unique idea in mind, you can make this a reality by simply having a craftsman or artist create it for you. Of course, extra special keepsakes also come with an extra special price!

Baby shower keepsakes must also jive with the theme for your event. But do not worry, if you’re creative you can take all the ideas I’ve provided and match them to your theme.

Making your own favors is economical and practical. It also shows off your amazing skills and talents. But if you are short of time, you can have them ordered instead.

Be sure to order ahead if you plan to purchase your keepsakes, or buy your materials in plenty of time if you want to make this a DIY project.

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