Clothesline Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Clothesline Baby Shower Ideas

Have you ever imagined what a clothesline baby shower would be like? A clothesline-inspired baby shower is simply this…

We all know that babies need all kinds of clothing like onesies, shirts, pajamas, washable diapers, socks, mittens and hats.  Having a new baby in the family means having more laundry than ever before!

A laundry-themed party reflects this situation. Expect the unexpected when attending this kind of party, since there are a lot of surprises in store.


For instance, the invitation to a clothesline party could be shaped like any kind of clothing that a baby would wear, with the most popular being a diaper.

Open a diaper invitation to a clothesline baby shower party and you will find all the dirty details as you open the flap! Gross!

There is no need to use a separate envelope for this kind of invitation since the diaper folds itself into a neat package!

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Decorations for the baby shower’s venue are totally unbelievable. All sorts of baby clothes can be hung on a clothesline using wooden pegs.

The venue, no matter how classy or stylish, can be turned into a large laundry area! Diapers, onesies and pajamas are hung everywhere!

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A clothesline cake can be in the shape of an item of baby clothing.

Or you make a real diaper cake, which is made of rolled up “real” diapers held by ribbons. The folded diapers can be arranged in a circular fashion and in different tiers. Atop the upper tier of a three-tiered diaper cake could be a stuffed animal or a large ribbon decoration. Place the cake in the middle of your clothesline venue, but make sure to tell the guests that it isn’t really a cake!

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A clothesline keepsake is another matter. There are so many great ideas for this theme. Such as refrigerator magnets with a diaper pin decoration, a figurine of a stork, a teddy bear, a diaper or a baby could also be placed on the magnet.

Other clothesline baby shower ideas are a stork carrying a baby on a diaper or a dirty baby with mud all over his face. Figurines like these can be purchased from online shops or you can check out local stores.

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