Elephant Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper

So you have picked an elephant baby shower theme. This is one of the most popular baby animal themes that new moms and dads choose for their baby shower parties.

Baby elephants are definitely adorable with their huge ears and long trunks! And possibly the most adorable character of all is Dumbo, a baby elephant that could fly using his ears.

Since the popularity of Dumbo has spread, so have vast amounts of merchandise and accessories. You can use Dumbo along with all his young elephant friends as inspiration for this cute party project.

Round up of our Favorite Elephant Baby Shower Ideas

1. Little Peanut Baby Shower by Spaceships and Laser Beams


2. Chic Elephant Baby Shower Ideas and Invitations by Invitesbaby


3. A Modern Chic Elephant Baby Shower by Rachel J

A Modern Chic Elephant Baby Shower

4. {gluten free} elephant baby shower by cakewalk


5. Blue & Gray Elephant Baby Shower at CatchMyParty



Party invitations are your first stop. Elephant inspired invitations usually have an elephant figure doing something cute. You can get the invites with different border colors and designs.

If you are looking at invitation templates online, you will find lots of elephant images and figures that you can use.

The most common images are:

  • Baby elephants holding balloons with their trunks
  • An elephant with a butterfly on the tip of his trunk
  • Elephants holding an umbrella.

Leave enough space in the middle to place your message or inspirational quotes. The bottom section should be reserved for the venue address information.

Where to buy Invitations?


Elephant baby shower cakes can be two to three layer cakes with a very simple design.

Elephant Baby Shower-cake

Use a fondant icing to cover the entire top part of the cake with the color that you want to match the party theme color.

Elephant Baby Shower-cake2

Top the cake with an elephant figurine or a sugar figure of a cartoon elephant holding a present or balloons.

Elephant Baby Shower-cake3

If you are going to order your cake, be sure to order it two or more weeks before the party. Also be sure all the information that to be written on top or the side of the cake is correct before having them start – they do make mistakes.


Where to buy cake toppers?


Decorations for the venue could be anything that is related to your
theme. In a baby elephant venue the best decor is of course going to be elephant inspired such as cutouts of elephants, baby bottles, diapers, pacifiers, and so on.

Tableware, tablecloths, seat covers, banners and napkin holders are also elephant inspired as well.

Where to buy decorations?



Elephant Baby Shower-Games

Where to buy cake toppers?


For your party keepsakes, there are a lot of great party elephant figurines, candles, candies, lollipops and buttons, all which carry on with the elephant theme.

You can make your own party favors or pre-order them if you do not have any time to do this on your own. Be sure to order them ahead of time for your elephant baby shower event.

Where to buy favors?

Additional Resources

Source: KLM Events
Source: CakeCentral
Source: ETSY

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