Panda Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Panda Baby Shower

Here are some creative panda baby shower tips. Of all the animals in the animal kingdom, the panda is the creature that is most patient and mild-mannered, not to mention its obvious cuteness.

The panda has been one of the favorite animal mascots for baby showers and it could also become your mascot for your baby shower event.

With a few creative tips and smart use of materials you can make a fantastic baby shower with this popular design.

Panda Baby Shower Invitations

Panda Bear Pink or Blue Baby Shower Invitations - Printed Panda Baby Shower Invitation by Dancing Frog Invitations

Panda Baby Shower Invitation, Bear Baby Shower Invitation, Digital File 5x7 or 4x6, Boho Baby Shower Invitation

Instead of a boring, traditional invitation for your guests, why not use a panda-themed baby shower invitation and envelope? Choose from a wide variety of panda or black and white patterns for the border design as well as a panda figure as the image on your invitations.

Boy Baby Shower Invitation, Panda Baby Shower Invitation, Bear Baby Shower Invitation, Printable Baby Shower Invitation, Boy Invitation

Polka Dot Baby Panda Baby Shower Invitation

Leave the middle part of your invitation empty since this is where you will place all the necessary information about your party and possibly a short message from you to your guests to welcome them to your event.

Printable Personalized Baby Shower Invitation . Baby shower Invitation. PDF Panda Baby Shower Invitation

Buy Panda Baby Shower Invitations

Panda Baby Shower Cake

Panda Baby Shower Cake

A black and white panda cake anyone? We all know that pandas love only one thing and that is bamboo. It can eat pounds of bamboo shoots, leaves and stems all day long!

Panda Baby Shower Cake

So your cake should be black and white but with a dash of green bamboo shoots as a cake topper.

Add a cute panda baby on top as a topper too and sprinkle the bottom part of your cake with baby accessories made of sugar such as baby booties, baby hats, onesies, mittens, diapers and baby bottles.

cute panda baby

Baby panda toppers are perfect and you will surely find these cute creatures in many different poses such as a sleeping lazy panda baby, a panda baby in diapers eating shoots of bamboo or how about an adorable baby panda with his mom?

 panda baby shower cake

This panda baby shower cake will place a smile and wow on your guests’ lips.

Panda Baby Shower Decorations

Panda Baby Shower Decorations

Your venue decoration should also be panda inspired. Your event banner should be clearly written and have panda images all over. Your party accessories such as table cloths, chair covers, buffet table cloths and table centerpieces should also have the panda theme to tie the room together.

Green Panda Baby Shower Decorations Package Digital Printable PDF Instant Download Boy Baby Shower

A panda baby shower makes a great theme for any kind of baby shower anytime!

Panda Its a girl centerpiece

Panda Bear Banner,

panda bear decor


Panda Baby Shower Favors

10 Large PANDA BEAR Soap Favors

Panda Favor Boxes

Panda Party Favors Candy Container

baby boy party cup,


Panda Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Baby Panda -Baby Shower Thank you card Damask pattern- Printable FilePanda Bear Baby Shower Thank YouBoy Panda Thank you Card Printable for Baby Boy ShowerPanda Bear Printed Thank You Cards


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