Mustache Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Mustache Baby Shower Ideas

Are you looking to mustache baby shower ideas? Do doubt because mustaches are very popular this year. Calling all mustache aficionados! A mustache baby shower will be held soon with mustache party elements that promise a lot of fun!

Do you need to grow a mustache to be allowed in? Will there be prizes for the best mustache in the venue? Yes, facial hair is recommended when you attend a mustache-inspired baby shower, but you don’t have to worry if you can’t grow one. You can give out those fake mustaches to your guests when they arrive.

If a mustache-themed baby shower is your kind of thing, then rest assured that you will have the most amazing party with the following tips. This is truly a funny yet amazing concept for a baby shower.


You can create a mustache invitation in the shape of a classic mustache and fill it out with a short message to your friends and family.

Since a mustache invitation can be rather small, it might be hard to include all the information you want written on your invites, so you can use the back side of the card as well.


A grand mustache cake can be either for a girl or a boy. This cake is irregularly-shaped and looks like a giant mustache.

You can choose baby figurines or sugar figures that have mustaches. You can find cake toppers that fit within this theme too. Simply place them on the second or third tier of your cake.

The lower tiers can contain sugar figurines of baby bottles, cradles, diapers, pacifiers and teddy bears.

You can even find other baby animals too, but make sure to decorate them also with distinguishable mustaches!


And if a mustache-themed cake did not get your attention, then this must-have accessory for a mustache baby shower surely will.

Those coming to the party without a real mustache must hold a mustache prop or a stick-on mustache throughout the baby shower!

Totally outrageous but 100% fun, watch your guests – young and old alike – use the prop mustache! Definitely a great photo opportunity that should not be missed when you are throwing a mustache-inspired baby shower!

It’s time to party, mustache style! A contest for the most outrageous and longest mustache is in full swing. The mom and the dad-to-be will be the judges of the event! Have great clean fun at a mustache baby shower party!


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