Princess Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Princess Baby Shower Ideas

What makes a great princess baby shower party? This is your day to shine and feel like a princess, mom to be! With a princess themed shower party you will feel and look like a princess all day.

A princess inspired baby shower is a party like no other, with princess invitations, princess food, princess cakes and princess keepsakes.

A mom-to-be like you will love the glory and the drama of celebrating like royalty.


You are making a royal announcement so only a royal invitation will do. It should have princess-style borders, princess images. Maybe even have it delivered on a scroll or parchment paper by a medieval town crier.

But don’t forget that royal mail comes with royal rates so if you’re watching your pennies you’d better stick with ordinary party invitations!


Your royal baby shower cake is next. How tall and how large do you want it to be your Highness?

You could opt for a simple two or three tiered cake covered in extravagant pink fondant for a princess to be or blue violet fondant for a prince to be.

And no royal cake would be without a royal crown. Your crown jewels should be placed on top of this extravagant cake with perhaps a tiara for a princess to be too.

Other baby accents will make your cake extra special, such as:

  • baby booties,
  • onesies,
  • building blocks,
  • baby bottles,
  • pacifiers
  • bonnets

You can even make your cake extra special by asking the royal baker to bake you 50 or more cupcakes. Have them arranged just like a cake on a cupcake cooling stand. Now you can give them away to your guests as a keepsake rather than make another set of cakes or pastries for your loyal subjects.


The décor for your princess baby shower can definitely be grand. Your baby shower seat is a chair fit for a queen, adorned with velvet cushions, ribbons and flowers. You will love to sit here and watch your loyal subjects and guests pay tribute to you and your baby to be!

A princess baby shower theme is a fun and exciting theme to use for your baby shower and a great way to play pretend too!


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