Cupcake Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Cupcake Baby Shower Ideas

Are you looking for great cupcake baby shower ideas to use? A lot of mommies and daddies looking for great baby shower ideas choose a cupcake-themed event. Why do you think so?

Cupcakes are not just small cakes but are also decorative, festive and delicious. Cupcakes are also easy to make and can be used in so many ways for your party. This is why it is one of the hottest baby shower themes that couples consider.

Are you thinking of using a cupcake theme for your very own baby shower? If so, then let the following ideas inspire you.

The Cakes

It does not matter if you are celebrating a boy or a girl, cupcakes can be topped with different colored icing. This makes the cupcake theme appropriate for both boys and girls. You can invite friends to your cupcake themed party by sending them a cupcake.

The invite cupcakes can be topped with icing and small cute decorations such as:

  • baby boots,
  • bears,
  • building blocks,
  • ribbons
  • pacifiers.

Label the cupcake invitations by placing a wrap-around label containing all the information that the guest needs about the date and the venue of your event.

cupcake baby shower cake is the highlight of a cupcake baby shower. Imagine a cake made of may cupcakes each with icing and a special topper.

Place the cupcakes on a pastry holder with two or more tiers. You can place all sorts of decorations on your cupcakes or jazz them up with different colored icing too.


It will be a cupcake fiesta as your guests savor all sorts of cupcakes at your party. Put cupcakes in different colors on your buffet table or use them as table centerpieces.

Make the most out of your cupcake creations and use them as festive table decor too.

But do you know what goes well with cupcakes? Tea, ice cream and coffee. Serve your guests a selection of these beverages. You also serve freshly-squeezed juices or fruit juices to quench their thirst.


Keepsakes may also be cupcake inspired. Give your guests something to remember your party by like:

  • cupcake candles,
  • cupcake magnets in different flavors,
  • cupcake containers containing candies or sweets or
  • cupcake containers with skin care products such as bath salts, bath beads or facial cream.
  • Other party favors inspired from cupcakes are cupcake figurines, cupcake diapers and so on.

With these tips, your cupcake baby shower will definitely be a resounding success!


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