Pastel Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Pastel Baby Shower Ideas

A pastel baby shower is an event that uses pastel colors for your  party.  It is an event that makes use of beautiful color play which is seen in almost all the elements of a baby shower party.

If this is your first time hosting a baby shower, then you will love to celebrate in pastel colors. The color combination you choose will be determined by the gender of your baby.

With this in mind, here are some tips to help you decorate and come up with an interesting pastel party idea.

Color Schemes

The gender of the baby decides the principal color scheme.

A boy will call for a baby blue or pastel blue color scheme. It will have complementing colors such as pastel green and light yellow.

If you are having a baby girl, choose a pastel pink color scheme. Add a splash of deep pink, light yellow and white to complete your color palette.

But what if the parents are not aware of the baby gender? Or what if they would rather keep it a secret? What pastel color is appropriate to use? The most appropriate are pastel shades of yellow, green or lavender, with hints of white.

You can use any of these colors to make your party invitations and decorations more appropriate for the new mom and dad.

Why Pastels?

Pastel baby showers are thought to be dull by some people since the colors are pale and appear to be faded. But, pastel hues provide a relaxing ambiance and are easy on the eye.

Bright colors can be so vibrant it hurts to look at them. Don’t waste your decorating efforts because your party decor are too colorful to admire!


You should consider using pastel colors for all aspects of your party. Such as your baby shower cake, your favors, decorations, balloons and even your outfits.

There are so many little pastel-colored products to choose from. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from for decorating your venue and picking souvenirs.

Other decorations are pastel colored table napkins and napkin holders. Yes, these are small details but they all contribute to the overall look of your pastel baby shower theme.


Mint keepsakes are perfect as favors for your guests. Mints can be found in almost any color. But the best ones (or rather the best tasting ones) are usually pastel-colored.


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