Hawaiian Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Hawaiian Baby Shower Ideas

Aloha, welcome to your Hawaiian baby shower! Your amazing Hawaiian adventure awaits you with this creative baby shower theme.

When you are through planning your Hawaiian-themed party, you will be dancing the hula with your guests in no time! Here are some of the best tips to follow for your Hawaiian-inspired party shower.


Invitations are an important part of a luau and also a great way to announce your baby shower too! Why settle for any regular invitation when you can have the best tropical invitation designs!

Design your invitations with Hawaiian inspired borders and images such as a hula dancer swaying her hips to the breeze, tropical sunrises – and what would a Hawaiian party theme would be without the classic and sweet pineapple?

Put all these together and you will get the best invitation ever. But don’t forget to leave plenty of room in the middle of the invitation to inform your guests where the party will be. You can also throw in a heartwarming message to all your family and friends sharing this memorable day with you!


The next stop is your Hawaiian baby shower cake. You have a choice between a sliced pineapple cake or a round cake topped with orchids and other tropical flowers and fruits! This is an amazing cake that looks more like a garland of flowers that would look great around your neck.

Some cakes are also decorated with a few baby items such as the baby booties, onesies, baby feeding bottles and so much more. A message is placed on top of the cake saying congratulations or congratulations to the mom to be. For more ideas on cake messages, read this: My Favorite Baby Shower Cake Ideas


Your decorations will speak for themselves! Welcome to our Hawaiian-inspired baby shower! You will have hanging flowers and fruits, palm trees, baby shower banners, floral tablecloths and chair covers.

Inform your guests of a strict “no Hawaiian costume— no entry rule”. Tell them to wear their best Hawaiian outfits and you and your partner will be judging the best dressed of the night.


Don’t forget to prepare your Hawaiian baby shower keepsakes. These can be anything such as figurine models of Hawaiian moms to be; a figurine model of a pineapple or a coconut tree; or how about a real garland of Hawaiian blooms?

Preserve your flower souvenirs in plastic boxes. They are available in flower shops and come with preservatives to make the flowers last.

This will be a vibrant party that will be remembered by everyone!


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