Camouflage Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Camouflage Baby Shower Ideas

Are you looking for ideas for a camouflage theme for your baby shower?

A camouflage theme is a creative and exciting baby shower theme for boys. It involves a lot of color play and creative designs. A camouflage theme does not really mean that the mom to be is expecting a boy. but rather there is a strong sign that the dad has something to do with the planning!

A military dad or a dad with a passion for the outdoors would love a camouflage shower theme. Along with this unique baby shower theme come different designs that all moms-to-be would love. Here are some of these examples.


Little Deer Hunter - Camo Camouflage Baby Shower Invitation - Printable Invite - Buck or Doe

Camo invitations are all about using the green camouflage color scheme to create cool baby shower invitations.

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You might see that there are blue camos and yellow camos which are widely popular as well, but the most striking is the green color camo combination.

Camo baby shower invitation

Invitations are basic with green camo patterns along the sides and the top and bottom part of the invitation to frame it. Some humorous images could be a baby wearing a camouflage diaper or a mom in a camouflage maternity dress.

Little Buck Camo Baby Shower Invitation

And there are other images too such as diapers, strollers, deer, onesies, and all kinds of animals all in camo colors.

Camo Baby Boy Shower Invitation - Oh Deer Hunting


Camouflage Cake

Camouflage Baby Shower Cake

The camouflage cake is a dark colored cake that looks like a well-ironed military uniform. Cakes could be rectangular in shape, round or different shapes and sizes such as a onesie cake or a diaper cake.

Camouflage Baby Shower Cake

You may expect kinky cakes too such as cakes in the form of a brassier or a cake in the shape of a mother’s belly wearing a maternity dress in camouflage prints.

Camouflage baby shower cake topper

army-cakeCamouflage Baby Shower Ideas


Camouflage Decorations

Camo Fabric GarlandCamouflage Decoration

Decorating a venue for a camouflage baby shower is like decorating for a military parade! There can be an excessive use of camouflage decor in your venue. You can dress up the table, chairs, buffet tables, table centerpieces and even tableware in camo designs.


Don’t forget the party banner, balloons, ceiling decorations and wall posters that also have the camo design.

Camo Napkin Rings

The mom to be could wear GI Jane inspired maternity clothing while the dad could wear his impressive uniform. The guests could also dress up to make a totally interesting military-themed costume party.

Camo Baby Shower Decoration - Flower Girl Petals

There are so many more camouflage baby shower ideas to use. And in case you run out of creative juices, check out the best selections of party favors and decorations below.

Camouflage Baby Shower Favors

MINI POPCORN BOX - Printable Favor Box - Printable Treat Box - CamouflageCamo Pint Size Mason Jar Gourmet Cookie Mixes - Baby Shower Party FavorCamouflage Baby Shower Kiss LabelsGreen Camo Gift Tags, Camouflage Favor Tags, Instant Download

Camouflage Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Deer Camouflage Baby Shower Thank you CardsBoy Baby Shower Thank You CardCamo Thank You Card- Hunting Camouflage Instant Download


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