Jungle Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Jungle Baby Shower Ideas

Do you need some ideas for your jungle baby shower? A jungle inspired baby shower is a party with an exotic jungle theme.

The venue will be decorated with vines, trees with jungle animals that swing, walk and fly. In a jungle themed baby shower, every guest is treated like king!

You can even dress up like Tarzan and Jane and have your guests arrive wearing their best loincloths. It all starts with the following party suggestions:


How do people in the jungle send their invitations? By “snail” mail! Ha Ha. Kidding aside, your jungle party should have a wild jungle invitation. Add the appropriate lettering and borders such as jungle vines, tiger stripes, or bananas.

Let baby jungle animals make their way into your creative invitation such as sweet baby tigers, baby parrots, or baby owls.

Create a wild party with your friends, invite them over, and see how much fun and exciting it is to have your baby shower in the jungle.


Your jungle baby shower cake will also convey a jungle theme. Imagine a fondant covered cake colored like the forest floor or the color of palm trees in the jungle.

The cake could be of any shape or size and could be one, two or even three tiers! On the top of the jungle cake is a topper that symbolizes the jungle. How about a tiger perched on top of the jungle cake? Add a parrot or any jungle bird on the cake or around the sides.

Baby accessories and accents could be used too such as baby diapers or pacifiers. A jungle theme cake will definitely be worthwhile and set the tone of the party. You can bake your own cake if you’re good in the kitchen or you can simply pre-order it from a popular local baker.


But don’t stop with the cake. You can transform your party venue into a jungle too with the proper decorations.

Choose plastic leaves and flowers that hang from the ceiling or how you can make vines from actual ropes.

Create a baby shower seat out of an old rattan chair and simply decorate it with flowers and vines too. You will feel like the queen of the jungle with these creative and unique decoration ideas.

A jungle baby shower is fun, exciting and ingenious. Kudos to you for are planning to have a jungle theme! It takes a lot of patience, skill, and time to make all these jungle accents and themes work for your party. But your guests will be talking about it for years after! Good luck!


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