Giraffe Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Giraffe Baby Shower Ideas

A Giraffe baby shower could be the dream animal baby shower that you have been waiting for. Giraffe themed parties are perfect for mommies and daddies who are looking for a fun, creative and whimsical party theme.

If you are considering a giraffe-inspired baby shower, then you should check out the following ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


A giraffe invitation would be great to wow your guests. There are a lot of invites that use the classic giraffe spots as border designs and giraffe images too.

You can select from the many giraffe cartoon images such as a baby giraffe with his mom, a cute girl giraffe with a pretty pink ribbon on her ear or a boy giraffe with noticeable blue features.

Be careful though, an invitation with a giraffe can become too crowded, due to the animal’s long and slender neck. So you should remember to avoid crowding the invitation borders and leave plenty of space in the middle for a nice message and information about the venue and the date of the event.


Your giraffe baby shower cake will be a masterpiece with the celebratory giraffe spots on a soft and smooth fondant icing that covers one, two or three layers of cake.

Giraffes live in lush and temperate climates where there are a lot of trees. So, decorate your cake with a few leaves and tree branches too, along with giraffe figurine toppers and baby accessories toppers such as baby clothes, shoes, toys and nursery furniture.

You will love how this cake looks when it is finished and so will your guests! If you’re extra creative in the baking department you may even like to make a giraffe shaped cake.


Decorations for your party venue should also be giraffe-themed. Put giraffe-like spots everywhere. On your tablecloth, your chair covers, buffet table covers and anywhere else you can think of.

Party banners, confetti, onesies and even balloons are also available in giraffe prints.


Giraffe party souvenirs come in different shapes and sizes and will make great keepsakes for your guests such as giraffe candles, magnets, figurines, small containers and so much more.

You can make a giraffe baby shower theme work for your party using a dash of creativity and a little bit of patience. Your party will be a standout and an event for guests to remember as they await the arrival of your new family member.


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