Tea Party Baby Shower Ideas

by Jessie Cooper
Tea Party Baby Shower Ideas

One of the most popular baby shower ideas is a tea party baby shower. A tea party is a perfect way to elegantly present the great news of a new arrival!

If you are looking for a stylish yet fun way to announce your new baby to your family and friends then a tea party shower is a great choice.

Here are the best shower ideas that will fit a tea party theme.


The baby shower invitation is the first thing that usually comes to mind when planning for a baby shower event. In a tea party theme, the invitation has a simple and toned down design.

The color of the invitation is usually according to the gender of the baby and so light pink for baby girls, while light blues are for baby boys.

White, light green and light yellow remain to be the color of choice of couples that may not know their baby’s gender first.


The party cake may be in a single or multiple layers. The cake follows the motif color and has appropriate decorations such as:

  • flowers,
  • teddy bears,
  • small animals
  • sugar figurines of people, animals and characters.

A lot of new ideas are applied to cakes such as using small cupcakes instead of a round cake or using diapers too. Some may use a candy cake, an ice sculpture figure as a cake and ice cream for a cake.


A tea time baby shower may sound complicated but actually it is easy to arrange. The menu is composed of food that is eaten during tea time such as:

  • pastries,
  • biscuits,
  • small helpings of pasta,
  • ice cream,
  • tea and so on.


The party décor should be appropriate to the theme such as:

  • white tablecloth,
  • tea cups,
  • saucers
  • other formal tableware.

Place a small bunch of colorful flowers that are in season as a centerpiece of every table. Don’t forget name plates and napkins as you prepare.


Other important things that you should consider in a tea time baby shower are the party favors that the couple provides as a token of appreciation to guests.

Some cute party favors for a tea time shower are:

  • small crystal
  • porcelain tea cups,
  • edible cupcakes,
  • candies in small baskets or pouches
  • special herbal teas in small jars.

These tea time shower ideas will certainly make your party the talk of the town.


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